Our Beliefs
About Us
We, the members of the church of Christ in Martinez, CA, are a family of God's children, saved by the grace of God and committed to serving our Lord and our fellow man. We are people of all ages and from many walks of life who have been called into a united fellowship of love and acceptance. We rejoice in the precious gifts the Lord has given us, and we are eager to share those gifts and blessings with you. If you reside in this area, please know that there is a special place for you and your family in this church family.

Churches of Christ are independent, non-denominational congregations of baptized believers in Jesus. There are approximately 13,000 such congregations in the United States and another 13,000 or so in over 100 countries around the world. These churches are united not by human doctrines or organizations, but by these simple shared beliefs:
  • Jesus is God's Son, the only Lord and Savior of the human race.
  • The Bible is the very Word of God and the only foundation of our faith and the only reliable guide for our lives.
We do not accept human creeds or dogmas, as these serve only to divide believers and label them with denominational names. We wear only the name of Jesus Christ. We are simply Christians. No, we are not a perfect church or perfect people, to be sure. We are flawed people who cling to the truth and share His grace. We rejoice in the precious gifts and blessings the Lord has given us, and we are eager to share the with you.

Enrichment in Christ

The church of Christ in Martinez offers an array of activities and services with the aim of encouraging people to know Christ and to grow in Him. Helping Hands Christian Preschool serves young children of our church and community. North Bay Youth Camp is a week-long session held at Sierra Bible Camp facilities in northern California for 9- to 17-year-olds. Our teens are a vital force in the church and are involved in various activities of service, study, and fellowship. The annual youth rally hosted at Martinez attracts several hundred junior high and high school students from all over the state.

Our young adults have formed a group for fellowship and Bible study. All ages of brethren meet in members' homes for small group throughout the week. Our men get together each month to pray and have breakfast They hold a retreat at Camp Shenandoah. The Martinez congregation sponsors the annual Bay Area Women's Retreat at Yosemite Bible Camp. Our ladies meet together weekly for a through-the-Bible study. Our seniors are anything but retired! They are active and productive in many areas of the work of the church and serve as beautiful examples to younger generations.