Helping Hands Christian Preschool
Helping Hands Christian Preschool
1865 Arnold Drive
Martinez, CA , 94553

Contact Information
Director: Celia Lawson (Ms. Celia)
Phone: (925) 229-2975
Email: Helping Hands Email (spam protected)
Our Philosophy

The aim of Helping Hands Christian Preschool is to provide a quality preschool education in a caring environment. The process of human development begins at the time of conception and continues throughout a personís life. Accordingly, it is our goal to promote growth in each component of your childís development -- cognitive, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual. We intend to do this by planning and carrying out programs of instruction particular to the learning patterns of young children, recognizing and providing for the individuality of each child.

Our activities foster development in language arts, math, science, creativity, motor skills, and social-emotional. We know that when we provide these activities at the appropriate level and in a nurturing environment, our children will take their next steps well prepared and with their natural thirst for knowledge intact.

A Place To Grow... (Luke 2:52, "Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.")

...In Wisdom (Preschool) -- Age-appropriate experiences are offered in art, fine motor, language, large motor, life skills, math, music, science, and writing during daily free-choice periods as well as large and small group times.

...In Stature (Hands) -- A balanced, nutritious snack is served each day. Snack preparation is a regular part of the curriculum, as cooking is a wonderful learning tool. A variety of daily activities are implemented in order to develop each child's gross (large) and fine (small) motor skills.

...In Favor With God (Christian) -- A Bible lesson is led before snack. This includes songs, a story, and a prayer. All stories are from the Old or New Testament

...And Men (Helping) -- Experience is the best teacher. Children learn to respect and get along with others through play supervised by caring, trained teachers. A positive self-esteem is heightened by making friends, learning new skills, and choosing and accomplishing tasks in an unbiased, encouraging atmosphere.

Year Started : 1995
License Number : 070213854
Ages Served : 2-5 years
Hours Of Operation : 8:30 AM - 12 PM
Days Of Operation : Flexible Schedule, choice of mornings per week, Monday through Friday. Monthly tuition based on attendance days.
Months Of Operation : School year begins the last Monday of August and ends in June (closed for some holidays, winter & spring breaks). Separate summer session.
Capacity : 30
Child-Teacher ratios: 2 Years   - 5:1
3 Years   - 10:1
4 Years (pre-K)   - 15:2
Application & Admissions
Process : Families are invited to stop by and observe our environment during preschool hours (or email / call to make an appointment to visit after hours). In order to reserve a space, the parent/guardian must bring the child to meet the preschool staff; pay the annual registration fee; fill out a pre-registration form; and pick up a registration packet. All state-required forms are due at Parent Orientation, which is held at 7 PM on the first Tuesday of August.